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legal50016 2016 scott co dispute resolution award winning law firm Law Society Winner 2016
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Employment Blog

GDPR: An Employment Perspective

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation which will replace the UK Data Protection Act 1988. The aim of this Regulation is to guarantee the fundamental right to personal data protection across the EU.  The Regulation will likely have an impact on the ways that employers store and gain consent to retain information about employees.  In this blog, we shall provide a brief outline of the Regulation, and the main ways that it shall affect Employment Law and HR.  Background The application of the Regulation extends to organisations which carry out processing outwith the EU but offer...
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Holiday Entitlement/Pay Update

The scope of payment that employees are entitled to when on holiday has expanded greatly over recent years. With the summer holidays fast approaching, it is important to be aware of these changes and the potential implications for your business. As well as being a statutory requirement, holidays can be important for maintaining employee morale, and therefore offering a transparent and fair holiday policy is one of the keys to making your business both an attractive and friendly place to work. With this is mind, here are some of the key points of the law relating to holiday pay, and...
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Taking control of redundancy

  In this week’s guest blog, we are delighted to hear from Rob Moore who is the Managing Director of The Career Management Organisation. At The Career Management Organisation, Rob works as part of a dedicated team to help both individuals and employers to overcome challenges and fulfil potential by providing tailored Career Coaching, Personal Development Coaching, and Outplacement services.  To find out if TCMO can help you or your company, please follow this link to their website: . Rob has lots of experience helping people through redundancy, and assisting them to prepare for change with confidence. We hope you shall...
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4 things to consider for successful employment

    Who you employ and how you do it can make or break any business.   During the first stages of setting up a company, it is common to spend a great deal of time perfecting your product and understanding the consumer market. However, staffing and resourcing issues can sometimes be left as a bit of an afterthought.  While it may seem difficult to find the time to deal with these issues, it is definitely better to get employment law and HR right from the outset (rather than deciding further down the line that all your contracts need changing...
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Auto-Enrolment: What Employers Need to Know

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Auto-enrolment is automatic for members of staff, however, it is not automatic for employers who need to takes steps to set-up a pension scheme and enrol their workers onto one. Most workers in the UK must now be auto-enrolled into their employer’s pension scheme. The Government has phased in the obligation for employers to auto-enrol staff since October 2012, with the majority of employers (even those with just one employee) now having reached their staging date.  Here are some frequently asked questions that employers ask us about auto-enrolment at MBM Commercial: Who needs to be enrolled? If you have reached...
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