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legal50016 2016 scott co dispute resolution award winning law firm Law Society Winner 2016
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Employment Blog

The Law of Personalities

Modern business is no longer just about what you can do; it is about who you are as a person. In recent years, soft skills and attributes have been viewed as increasingly important to recruitment and HR. This is compared to more traditional hard skills, such as technical skills and qualifications, which can be more easily quantified.  Because of this, psychometric testing and personality typing has stepped in to quantify the unquantifiable - what makes people ‘tick’.  Through these tests, employers can receive information not just about the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential employees, but also about how well...
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What are you missing out on?

Our first blog of 2017 discusses how we can improve the quality of Board conversations to prevent them getting “stuck” in order to allow businesses to grow and develop. Our guest blogger is Margaret Williamson, Director of Boardroom Development.  Margaret has over 20 years of experience of researching and working with Boards and shares some of her insights in the blog.  

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Volunteering with Syrian Refugees

In today’s blog, our last before Christmas, I’m pleased to introduce you to our new HR and Employment Law Adviser, Katie Pearson. Katie has a First Class Honours Law and History degree from Glasgow University.  Having specialised in employment, anti-discrimination and social welfare law, Katie is now studying in the evenings for a CIPD qualification in HR and has worked for the past 18 months at IntoWork, a charity specialising in helping people with disabilities to find and retain employment.  

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Combatting Modern Slavery – all businesses have a part to play

“Great indeed are our opportunities, great also is our responsibility”*.  On the 26th of July 1833 William Wilberforce, the voice of the abolition movement in Parliament, was advised that the Abolition of Slavery Bill had passed its third reading in the House of Commons, spelling the end of slavery in the British Empire.  Three days later, on the 29th of July, he died, having achieved his object of eliminating the slave trade in British territories, thanks to his tireless efforts throughout his adult life and those of many dedicated others. Depressingly however, slavery is not something we can consign to the...
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Disciplinary issues - can matters be resolved informally?

Issues of discipline in the workplace can require sensitive handling. A formal approach may not always be necessary to resolve issues so we’ve set out some guidance below for resolving matters informally where that may be the most appropriate response in the first instance. Taking informal action to see if the issue can be resolved may be the most proportionate response, less likely to damage working relationships and less time consuming. Often a quiet word can be all that is needed to address issues such as minor misconduct or unsatisfactory performance. The informal discussion A two way discussion should take place...
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