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5 Legal Pitfalls Every Start-Up Should Avoid

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CivTech Challenges - A Great Opportunity

The purpose of this Blog is quite simply to promote a fantastic new idea which is being developed by Alexander Holt who has been working closely with the Scottish Government over the past year. The public sector has countless challenges across every area of its activities to streamline and improve its services -

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Doing Business in Europe

The Brexit debate has made me realise the extent to which our technology companies tend to focus on the American market for sales, finance and exit opportunities rather than the European market which is (still) our home market. I had a very interesting meeting with Dr Carsten Rudolph, the Director of the other day. It was very interesting to compare notes on the start-up scene in the UK and Germany. We face similar challenges, particularly with access to later stage finance but we both agreed that there ought to be more we can do to encourage our technology companies...
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R&D Tax Credits

Over the years I have written numerous blogs and articles about financing high growth companies covering debt, equity and crowdfunding. However, I have never touched on R&D Tax Credits which I have always assumed are the preserve of accountants. However, I recently caught up with my (nearly) namesake Sandy Findlay of . They are a niche consultancy company who specialise in claiming tax credits. They work on a completely contingent basis with their income based on a percentage of the amount they recover from HMRC. This could be of substantial benefit to pre-revenue start-ups as, almost by definition, most...
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Three Legal Pitfalls Every Tech Startup Should Avoid!

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Edinburgh’s monthly tech meetup, held at Skyscanner HQ. I have attended the event a number of times and am always delighted to meet a number of tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, programmers and general tech enthusiasts from around the capital, as well as enjoying the top quality beer and pizza on offer. Since there is always a good amount of tech startups in attendance, I decided to talk about the three most common legal mistakes that I have seen tech start-ups make while I have been working in MBM Commercials Dispute...
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