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Beware Politicians Bearing Gifts

Posted on Apr 17, 2011 by Sandy Finlayson  | 0 Comments

Free bus passes, free bridge tolls, free prescriptions, free education – all of our politicians seem to think that the way to secure votes is to tempt the voters with “sweeties”. However, it all comes at a cost, somebody somewhere has to pay for it and the country is “maxed out” on its credit card. 

This year, despite the cutbacks, the Government will spend £4 for every £3 it raises in tax and the rest will be borrowed, increasing both the current account deficit and the size of the national debt to record levels. The country desperately needs investment both in its infrastructure and in innovative new businesses to provide good employment opportunities so that those of working age are able to pay their way and look after those who need help.

Sandy Finlayson, Senior Partner

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