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10th April 2018 - Marketing and GDPR


With less than 3 months to go until GDPR comes into force, it’s time to ensure that your organisation is prepared for the imminent changes in the data protection legal landscape.

Following on from the success of our previous GDPR breakfast events, our IP, Data & Contracts Team are pleased to be holding a series of three more GDPR seminars, focusing on areas of particular interest based on feedback from previous events – Marketing and GDPR, GDPR and the User Experience, and a General Update on GDPR.


Marketing and GDPR

Tuesday 10th April 2018

Our first seminar shall focus on the challenges and changes facing those involved in marketing to clients. Just as people start to get to grips with the requirements being introduced by the GDPR, the new ePrivacy Regulation will also bring changes to the way that organisations can use personal data for direct marketing. To fully embrace the GDPR and new ePrivacy Regulation values, organisations may require a cultural change and to accept a shift in power in their customer relationships when it comes to personal data. What many see as a looming burden, should perhaps be seen as an opportunity to increase consumer trust, improve consumer relationships and build on those strengths to your advantage.

In this seminar, we will look at key issues and changes required by the GDPR and new ePrivacy Regulations from a direct marketing perspective.


To book your place at this event please use the following link:


For more information please contact Andy Harris:

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