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24th April 2018 - The User Experience and how to use GDPR to your Advantage

The User Experience and how to use GDPR to your advantage

In the second in this series of GDPR events we will be taking a more practical angle and focusing on how the GDPR requirements will affect the user experience and how we interact with customers online. For this breakfast event we are delighted to be joined by Stephen Denning, UX Director at User Vision. 

Protecting personal data in the online world poses a number of challenges for organisations and building the trust of customers is key. The new GDPR requirements will force changes to the way that we interact with customers, and the UX team - those tasked with designing the digital interaction with customers - have a huge responsibility in ensuring that data is captured with simplicity, clarity and transparency.

Andy Harris will focus on the GDPR key issues from a digital perspective, including changes required to privacy policies and terms and conditions while Stephen Denning will focus on the practical implications of GDPR from a UX and interaction design perspective.


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