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HMRC Investigations – The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – Furlough Payments

When the lockdown comes to an end, and the grants from The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme cease, there is no doubt that the retrospective process of HMRC investigating claims made by companies under the scheme will begin.

This could involve HMRC investigating your business and whether it was appropriate for your business to claim the grant. When investigating your business, they may want to see:

  • Your assessment of the Impact of the lockdown and Coronavirus on your business;
  • Evidence of why you specifically furloughed each employee;
  • Evidence of your employees being on your Payroll prior to the March cut-off;
  • The paper trail of the employee agreeing to be furloughed; and
  • The measures you put in place to ensure that employees could not work while furloughed.

An HMRC investigation could result in your business being asked to repay the grants received under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or even criminal prosecution.

At MBM, we are experienced at handling claims and investigations raised by HMRC. We can assist you in putting together your evidence pack and presenting your case to HMRC in a clear, robust and professional way should they commence an investigation against your business.

At MBM, we like to offer our client’s fixed fees so that you have complete clarity on how much our assistance will cost. If you or your client require expert advice, then contact the MBM commercial dispute resolution team at or on 0131 226 8200 to speak to one of our team today. We will be more than happy to have an initial no-cost chat to discuss your case and see if we can help.

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