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Implementing a Successful Workplace Wellbeing Program


Workplace wellbeing!!! I understand it’s difficult to start getting your head around at times with so many other important tasks and projects in your business needing attention. For those of you in charge of implementing wellbeing, it seems like a mammoth task at times. Where do you start? Do you look at financial wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional, social, family health/lifestyle? The list is never ending.

Whatever you decide to focus on, I believe that it is important to have a structure to your approach so you can make the greatest impact. I know that sounds obvious but I often see it missed by many that are organising wellbeing programs as they just want to get started and have so many other projects to focus on. As an expert in this field, Total Health have designed and delivered leadership training in resilience, mindfulness, physical and mental energy within the workplace for over 10 years. With success across 3 continents and over 2,000 employees. Total Health understands the pressures and demands of business and how to help your teams thrive in this world.

Below is a methodology that I have used with both companies and individuals to help them change habits. It’s important that you start at the right point so that your program builds momentum, progresses and ultimately gets you to a point where you see results and ROI.

Step 1- Awareness:

Before we can change anything and make improvements, we need to know where we are starting from on both an organisational and individual level. This is why starting with wellbeing audits, questionnaires and feedback are vital as you can then be very specific with your 1 or 2 areas of focus to begin with and start strengthening the most weakened areas of wellbeing as an organisation. This also starts to create a buzz around wellbeing and quite simply makes employees aware that you are focusing on this and it is a priority for you. I have spoken to many companies that have some good initiatives but a lot of employees are not even aware of them.

A well-designed audit or questionnaire will help individual employees also become more aware of where they personally need to channel their efforts. Giving them clarity on where to focus and helping them to take ownership of their health.

Step 2- Inspiration:

Sometimes awareness alone just isn’t enough for individuals to take ownership of their health as they have lost their momentum and have some deeply ingrained habits. This is when positive people with positive messages are needed. And no, it doesn’t need to be over enthusiastic aerobic teacher’s whoop whooping all over the place! If you have budget to bring in inspirational leaders or teachers of wellbeing then great, this can be one of the most effective ways of covering the first 3 steps of this methodology. If not then there will be inspirational people within your business or network that can share their stories with your teams. People who are living lives’ just like them that have overcome some challenges and transformed their health or people who have managed to

thrive in high pressure environments by using healthy habits. Maybe they can write a blog or record a short video of their story and share the methods that they use.

Step 3- Education:

Ok if we are going to encourage people to get active and healthy, let’s make sure they are doing it

correctly and using good resources. I’ve been in the wellbeing industry for 20 years now and believe me the amount of terrible resources and bad information out there is only increasing. So be careful what resources you may share on your intranet, the ‘specialists’ that you bring in as a lot of them can do more harm than good. Do your research, ask people in the know what good resources are or if you have budget to bring specialists in then go with referrals or people with good long-term reputations is always the safe bet. As they say- knowledge is power and if your employees are well informed on how to improve their wellbeing, it will be a far easier process and they will see results, which means your business will benefit from more energised, positive and productive staff.

Steps 4 & 5- Tools & Support:

Tools and support can come together to help keep the momentum of the program going. If you are investing in wellbeing this obviously doesn’t need to always be intensive. A burst of activity to get things up and running may be needed, then some maintenance with these steps can really help transform the organisation into a culture of wellbeing. Tools such as apps, online resources & training etc. can be a very affordable way to keep staff engaged and monitoring their progression.

Support can come in many forms, but it should first of all come from the employer, providing a message that you are committed to your employee’s wellbeing and supporting them with this. By implementing the first 3 steps correctly and getting the content right then that message will be clear. Teams can support one another by doing fundraising events, walking meetings or by nominating champions within the business to keep pushing the initiatives. Plus, from time to time you can bring in specialists to progress the level of information being provided whilst also providing a refresher for staff.

Hopefully that has given you an idea on how to start approaching such programs. If you would like a complimentary mini consultation to gain more insight on how to structure a successful program please email us at: and quote MBM. This offer is valid until 15 December 2018.

Craig Ali is a certified nutrition & lifestyle coach, Thai massage therapist, personal trainer and mindfulness facilitator. He’s spent more than 15 years working as a leading coach to world class athletes, ambassadors, executives and global organisations. In 2007 after supporting many business professionals manage their lifestyle he realised the great impact that workplaces have on our lives. Since then he has been designing, resilience, mindfulness, nutrition and posture programs to help employers support their staff in managing their energy and lifestyle. The result since then has been thousands of health conscious and positive staff.

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