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legal50016 2016 scott co dispute resolution award winning law firm Law Society Winner 2016
legal50016 2016 scott co dispute resolution award winning law firm Law Society Winner 2016
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News and Events

Roslin Technologies £10m investment creates the largest Agritech start-up in UK history

We would like to congratulate JB Equity on having successfully raised £10 million from The British Innovation Fund for Roslin Technologies Limited, the ground breaking joint venture they established. The Agritech start-up is jointly owned by the University of Edinburgh, agriculture-focused private equity advisors JB Equity and The British Innovation Fund, a Milltrust International fund, with cornerstone commitment from The Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund. MBM acted for JB Equity. Roslin Technologies aims to commercialise the intellectual property and know-how of the University’s Roslin Institute and The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the UK’s leading vet school, revolutionising agricultural...
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Ideals update June 2017

The lead up to the summer is always a busy time of year for the MBM Corporate Team and this year is no exception. Investment activity across our UK client base has remained steady but we’ve seen a particular increase in exits for some of our client companies as well a dramatic increase in the number of VC funds that are now coming together. With recent news highlighting the withdrawal of the European Investment Fund from new British VC funds, an important cornerstone investor may be seen to be withdrawing from the market but we have seen family offices becoming...
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Building a U.S. sales team

Your product or service is ready to cross the Atlantic. The next step in your business plan is the successful implementation of your sales strategy to set up your brand in the U.S. What factors help make that a success? Timing - The right moment to develop internationally is not the same for all businesses, but in general your business should have a product or service which has some track record and is ready to be commercialised, and your business should have the financial resources to go global. Preparation and forward planning are key, including identifying your target customer base,...
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Summer newsletter 2017 - Welcome

2017 is set to be another year where unexpected events continue to unfold before us. Trump has survived his first 100 days in office, the starting button has now been pressed on the Brexit process and we now await the outcome of our general election. What is next…? Will the future of the UK be “strong and stable” or “weak and wobbly”!?  Supporting and developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem is a key ingredient of ensuring that innovative businesses can quickly grow and scale into international businesses with the prospect of growing a “strong and stable” economy. The ‘Engage Investment Exploit’ tech...
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Driving and being driven by smart data

When I wrote our last e-newsletter in Autumn 2016 I didn’t think we would be voting again so soon at a General Election in June 2017. That was a surprise for sure but perhaps more of a surprise was the fact that I have come to realise that elections and referendums are now likely to be won and lost by the use of smart data and software. How many of you are aware that during the Brexit campaign the Vote Leave team spent most of their budget on employing data scientists and developing a new software platform from scratch called...
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