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At MBM, many of our clients are driving the engine for our futures to become more sustainable and cleaner. As lawyers, we play a huge role in society to make changes and improve the world. We are therefore committing ourselves to becoming more cognisant of our environmental impact and strive to become a net-zero firm.

Becoming net-zero recognizes that although there may be some waste in connection with our practices, we can offset it with simple, sustainable actions. 

Mission statement: To adopt practical, achievable, and science-based measures to help us reduce the environmental impact that we have on the planet.

  • We will adopt science-based targets to both reduce and mitigate our harmful output in order to become net-zero.
  • We will adopt practical measures and implement new policies to help use reduce the environmental impact that we have on the planet. This will include educating our staff and partners about sustainable practices we can implement in the office.
  • We will identify measures we can take outside the office to empower our staff and partners to become net-zero champions, such as encouraging a cycle-to-work scheme, using public transportation to and from work (and elsewhere) and advise them on how to reduce their own carbon footprint in the home.
  • Finally, we will look outside ourselves, to our client and professional networks to encourage others to engage in sustainable practices.

Our Road Map to Net Zero

 Roadmap to net zero

The firm is also a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, a collaborative alliance of law firms working towards net zero.

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