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Mission Statement

We will become leaders in our field for equality, diversity and inclusion.

We understand that inclusion and diversity are key to ensuring the best possible experience for our clients and our employees. We are dedicated to achieving real change and challenging traditional attitudes. We are not interested in just paying lip service.

We know the value of diversity. The more diverse our staff, partners, and clients are, the more diverse our ideas become, and as a consequence, our solutions to the problems our clients face are more creative and empathetic. This belief is intrinsic to our success.

To help us achieve these goals, our diversity and inclusion strategy will initially focus on three principle areas:

  1. Our recruitment
  2. Our policies and
  3. Our network.

Throughout, we will be celebrating our differences, recognising the work we need to do, and encouraging frank conversations.

As time goes on, these may change and adapt to reflect the next stage of our strategy and we look forward to updating you as our journey progresses.

Championing forward our strategy will be our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (“EDI”) Committee (see below). We have appointed a dedicated partner, Cat MacLean, to oversee the EDI Committee and ensure our mission is supported by the most senior members of the firm.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them.

WE:Change programme at MBM this summer.

This unique two-week work experience programme will provide one-to-one support, work-experience and at the end, a networking event where candidates will have the opportunity to meet each other and other members of the firm. It will provide unique insight into a firm like ours, hopefully inspiring students to enter into the profession.

The programme is aimed at widening participation students enrolled at Edinburgh University and Napier University who are keen to pursue a career in the law. Successful candidates will be able to work in a law office, handling business and commercial law matters. Candidates who successfully complete their term will be eligible for consideration in a mentorship programme, where they will be paired with an experienced solicitor or other legal professional for an agreed period.

The programme will run from June through August 2022. If you want to learn more, please send questions to:

Equality and Diversity Team

Cat MacLean
Danielle Prado
Jennifer McNichol
Rebecca O'Donnell

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