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"In a recent situation requiring legal advice and assistance, MBM Commercial, and Cat, in particular, provided us with the feeling of complete assurance that only comes from someone that has sufficient experience and ability to be entirely on top of the process. Cat was extremely quick to grasp the essential elements of the situation and then had the care, diligence and skill to look after our interests completely. This resulted in a rare satisfaction for an SME business owner – the feeling of money well spent on legal fees!"

"The Edinburgh Academy seeks legal advice from lain on a regular basis. The advice given is always to a high standard. Instruction in litigation matters can sometimes be complex and difficult. lain has always made the School aware of the consequences of any particular course of action, whether it is good or bad of which the Academy has been most grateful."

"What was admirable about MBM was their attention to detail.  Their recommendation for Counsel and Expert witness was well made, and their handling of the coordination of all that this entailed was most impressive.  Cat took ownership of the process.  Her preparation, organisation and understanding of the issues was no less than what I expected - no - needed!"

"Cat has been a much valued and respected source of advice for the Academy over the past 6 years.

"Not only has Cat been highly professional and diligent in responding to client queries with urgency.  She has brought a clear and balanced line of advice over a very varied range of topics."

"What has been of particular note is Cat's willingness to reflect on the broader needs of the client in the context of our sector and bring experience from mediation and other skills into a holistic approach to advice offered. "

"When dealing on client's behalf with some challenging individuals, she has shown strong presence and focus and has been ready to be the point of contact for external agencies on the client's behalf. A service which has been of considerable support."

"Cat has always maintained close oversite of her client relations, even when delegating to others in her team and as a result confidence is always kept in the service provided by her and by MBM Commercial."

"Cat has therefore been an excellent advisor to the School, and she has won appreciation not just from the operational management of the School but also from key members of our Governing Board."

"MBM Commercial had been employed by the school to advise on a complex case relating to the rights of parents. We were assigned a lead Partner."

"Cat MacLean was introduced to myself last summer when we were coming to a critical point of six years in a long-running business dispute with Clancy Dochwra in a consequential loss claim. Our then current solicitors had dealt a surprise blow by closing off their account just weeks prior to the 6-year point with no credible solution to assist in our resolving the claim and leaving us exposed. After having suffered many let downs and protracted discussions with very little effective progress, we were pleasantly impressed with the positive support we received from our first meeting with Cat. Within a very short time, Cat and her supporting team had managed to grasp the validity of our claim and carried out the necessary work to enable the claim to continue."

"For once in the last six years, my wife and myself had found someone who could assemble a team that were effective and precise in their method. Throughout, we received friendly, clear advice within a professional environment where we always felt at ease and welcome. The complexity of the case and limited timescale available never seemed to be too much for Cat and her team, and this brought renewed confidence for ourselves."

The tremendous support from Cat has helped to improve both our personal health and wellbeing just by knowing we have professional and friendly support from Cat and her team in this difficult and long-running case. I have no hesitation in recommending Cat as a professional and supportive solicitor who is always willing to do that little bit more."

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