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Company Secretarial and Registered Office Services Lawyers

All businesses are facing increased compliance issues. Our Company Secretarial Service is designed to alleviate our clients’ worries about key compliance obligations under the Companies Acts, thereby enabling them to concentrate fully on building and promoting their business. We can do the following for you:

  • Completion and submission of Annual Return to the Registrar of Companies
  • Reminders of key dates
  • Preparation of board minutes and statutory forms associated with the appointment and resignation of Company officers
  • Servicing of AGM if required
  • Maintaining Company Books together with relevant Statutory Registers in both paper and electronic formats

Since its implementation in 2016, the requirement for companies to maintain a Register of People with Significant Control has added to the regulatory burden imposed on companies.  Ensuring that this Register is properly maintained is a core element in our Company Secretarial Service.

We can also provide Registered Office Services, including:

  • Receipt and forwarding of all formal correspondence
  • Retaining the Company’s Statutory Books
  • Displaying the Company’s name on our premises

What Do We Charge?

  • Company Secretarial Service - £475 + VAT + Companies House filing fee
  • Registered Office Service - £200 + VAT per annum
  • Company Secretarial and Registered Office Service (Joint) - £575 + VAT + Companies House filing fee

Terms and Conditions

Company Incorporation Services

For various reasons, you may need to incorporate a company as a vehicle to drive your idea forward.

Most small businesses are set up as limited companies and are the most popular vehicles to carry out their operations. Statistics from Companies House show that there are now more than 2 million companies on its register.

If you intend for your company to grow and consequently take more risks, it would be advisable to set up a limited company.

The term ‘limited’ derives from the fact that the company’s finances are distinct from the personal finances of their owners (unlike a sole trader/partnership arrangement). Shareholders in limited companies are not responsible for company debts, although if required, directors may be required to guarantee loans or credit granted to the company. A limited company exists in its own right, and this means that if the company runs into trouble, it is the company, not you, who is sued.

Escrow Services

We provide software escrow services to those businesses that want to mitigate risks by protecting critical business software.

By entering into an escrow arrangement, a client who uses software from another business can gain comfort from the knowledge that the software's essential source code is kept safely on deposit with a third party. The third party will release this critical information if the software's developer fails to carry out their side of any agreement. This helps the software developer to protect its intellectual property rights while simultaneously ensuring that the client can continue to use critical software as an end-user over a defined period.

We provide this service via our trusted third party escrow agent, MBM Commercial Escrow Services Limited.

Contact our Corporate Solicitors in Edinburgh & London

To find out more about our company support services, please get in touch with Ross McGregor on 01312268200 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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