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We have a strong reputation advising clients on the acquisition of businesses. For some clients, strategic acquisitions are key to their growth, whether as part of a medium-term exit strategy, or a longer-term expansion plan. Whether strategic or opportunistic, our work with buyers is a key part of our skill set. If you’ve never been through the process before, you’ll need a safe pair of hands to guide you through the process and to drive the transaction to a successful conclusion. 

Whatever the complexity or size of the deal, you benefit from high-quality legal, commercial and strategic advice. We act on both high-profile, complex transactions to smaller, more straightforward deals. Our team are skilled project managers and have years of experience in looking for the most efficient and effective way to get a deal across a line, on time and within budget. We handle all aspects of M&A deals from start to finish including:

  • Confidentiality and exclusivity
  • Deal structuring (and pre-deal re-structuring)
  • Negotiating Term Sheets
  • Due diligence (including managing and advising on the use of online data rooms and technical reviews of patent and trademark portfolios)
  • Advising on key deal terms such as:
    • warranties
    • indemnities
    • restrictive covenants
    • price structures
    • earn-outs
  • Drafting and negotiating all acquisition/sale agreements and any related ancillary documents
  • Project management (including shareholder communications and distribution of sale proceeds)
  • Hosting, managing and running completion of the deal (celebratory fizz included!)

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If you are targeting an acquisition, our team will support you to navigate the process, mitigate the risks and drive the transaction to a successful conclusion. Please contact us on 0845 345 5004 or fill out our online contact form.

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