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Commercial Property, also referred to as commercial real estate, involves any premises or piece of land used to generate profit, either from capital gain or rental income. Whether you’re an investor, developer, owner or occupier, to make sure you get the best possible deal and mitigate any potential problems in the future, it’s important to have the support of experienced and commercially minded legal professionals throughout the entire process of your commercial property transaction.

At MBM Commercial, our expert commercial property specialists are committed to help you resolve your commercial property matters as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Our dedicated team provides the full range of commercial property services to occupiers, funders, developers and investors across the retail, office, industrial and leisure sectors. We offer legal assistance in buying, selling, leasing or developing commercial property, and use our expertise in negotiation and legal drafting to ensure your interests are protected.

As the sector expands, the legal implications inherently become more complex. It is important that investors, developers, owners and occupiers manage and control all of these issues. Receiving advice tailored for your business and practical guidance on managing investment and risk is the reason that MBM Commercial is key to developing your commercial property.

By instructing MBM Commercial, you will receive experienced and personal advice and guidance at every stage, including:

  • Clearly communicated advice on the regulations and restrictions involving your individual transaction and the law surrounding it.
  • The protection of your commercial interests and negotiation of terms in your favour.

Our Commercial Property Legal Work

Our team brings the experience and expertise you need to make each transaction a successful one. We can provide you with advice on:

Commercial Property Transactions

The sector covers a broad spectrum of different types and sizes of premises and land.  This includes land which is owned, leased or used as security.  The sector involved covers residential, office buildings, storage facilities, industrial property, medical centres, shopping and hotel/leisure complexes, farming and agricultural land.

Commercial property transactions are of vital importance to our clients due to the value to any business of the property it owns, occupies or relies on for security. We recognise that our clients expect and require the best legal advice available and of equal importance is an awareness of the commercial requirements of any deal and the aims of the client. What we, therefore, aim to achieve is a balance between the commercial realities and important legal issues. We regularly deal very closely with other professionals in the property industry such as agents, surveyors, banks, architects and accountants to ensure that our clients' requirements are met.

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At MBM Commercial, our specialist commercial property lawyers are ready to guide you through the various stages of your commercial property transaction, from initial investigations and property searches to completion of sales and purchases. Please contact us on 0131 226 8200 or fill out our online contact form.

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