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All businesses are facing increased compliance issues. Our Company Secretarial Service is designed to alleviate our clients’ worries about key compliance obligations under the Companies Acts, thereby enabling them to concentrate fully on building and promoting their business.

With the risk of criminal sanctions and severe financial penalties it is important that company directors comply with their obligations under the Companies Acts. Despite there no longer being a statutory requirement for private companies to appoint company secretaries, all the functions traditionally carried out by a company secretary (e.g. filing Confirmation Statements, writing up statutory registers, preparing board minutes etc) still require to be carried out. Additionally, companies with only one director will often require a second signature on legal documentation (e.g. when you open a bank account). If you do not appoint a company secretary this documentation will need to be signed by an appointed witness so most companies still opt to appoint a company secretary.

Our Company Secretarial Services include:-

Company Secretarial Service (Standard)

  • Completion and submission of Confirmation Statement to the Registrar of Companies
  • Reminders of key dates
  • Preparation of board minutes and statutory forms associated with the appointment and resignation of company officers
  • Servicing of AGM if required
  • Maintaining company books/statutory registers

Company Secretarial Service (Enhanced)

Many of our clients choose our enhanced service which provides them with 24/7 access to a secure online portal of their company records, including registers, shareholders dashboard, options modules and share capitalisation.

The real time company dashboard provides you and your shareholders with an accurate holistic view of shareholders and shareholdings, share transactions, officers, charges and options – all at the touch of a button.

The dashboard can be used to hold and share information with stakeholders including shareholder updates, share certificates, meeting notifications and schedules. When it comes to voting, with our enhanced offering the entire process can managed online with e-voting (from PC or mobile device), automatic reminders, and automatic filing and updating of records.

This service is specifically aimed at:

  • Start-ups preparing for or going through investment rounds
  • Any company with a large or active shareholder base that needs to be kept well-informed
  • Any company that wants to keep its shareholders updated and well informed, and able to view and access their own key investor information

Registered Office Services, including:

  • Receipt and forwarding of all formal correspondence by post and/or scanned and emailed
  • Retaining the company’s Statutory Books
  • Displaying the company’s name at our registered office locations (Edinburgh and London)

What Do We Charge?

All our company secretarial services run from 1st May to 30th April each year The annual costs are as follows: 

  • Company Secretarial Service (Standard) -  £500 + VAT 
  • Company Secretarial Service (Enhanced) - £750 + VAT
  • Registered Office Service - £250 + VAT
  • Company Secretarial (Standard) and Registered Office service (Joint) - £600 + VAT
  • Company Secretarial (Enhanced) and Registered Office service (Joint) - £850 + VAT

Terms and Conditions

Company Incorporation Services

For various reasons, you may need to incorporate a company as a vehicle to drive your idea forward.

Most small businesses are set up as limited companies and are the most popular vehicles to carry out their operations. Statistics from Companies House show that there are now more than 2 million companies on its register.

If you intend for your company to grow and consequently take more risks, it would be advisable to set up a limited company.

The term ‘limited’ derives from the fact that the company’s finances are distinct from the personal finances of their owners (unlike a sole trader/partnership arrangement). Shareholders in limited companies are not responsible for company debts, although if required, directors may be required to guarantee loans or credit granted to the company. A limited company exists in its own right, and this means that if the company runs into trouble, it is the company, not you, who is sued.

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