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In a global market, attracting and retaining employees that will grow and advance your business is of crucial importance and most often represents the foundation of future success. Competitive employee benefits and an effective incentivisation programmes can underpin competitive remuneration arrangements within a top performing business.

At MBM Commercial, our Employment Solicitors provide bespoke advice concerning the design and delivery of pay and reward structures and incentive plans. Our team will work closely with your business to design and implement reward and incentive arrangements that work harmoniously with your business structure and employee composition. We understand that precise, targeted and often personalised incentivisation programmes garner the most effective performance from employees and deliver long-term results for employers, businesses and shareholders. We will work hard to understand what drives your employees and provide a holistic service that captures the operational, business change, administrative and legal aspects of the design and implementation of compensation and incentive arrangements. 

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive service encompassing the following aspects that underpin an effective employee incentive programme: 

  • Assessment of market and employee incentive arrangements adopted by competitors and comparative businesses.
  • Bespoke planning, structuring, design and implementation of reward structure, incentivisation scheme, share plan and other compensation arrangements.
  • Outcome-based assessment of the anticipated impact on a business and employees, including a holistic overview of costs, compatibility, non-monetised results etc.
  • Harmonisation of employee incentive programme with performance management policies, employment contracts, corporate governance code, employee handbook and guidance, appraisal mechanisms and other internal procedures already in place.
  • Effective communication of implementation of incentive programme to all employee and personnel affected.
  • Synchronisation of employee incentive programme with overarching business and commercial objectives.
  • Advice concerning reporting obligations and ongoing compliance with relevant employment legislation.
  • Special measures for complex organisational structures and multi-jurisdictional arrangements.
  • Review mechanism to establish outcomes and areas of design and implementation requiring change or improvement.

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Competitive employee benefits and an effective incentivisation programme are essential for businesses and companies that wish to reward, motivate and incentivise employees, attract and retain key staff in association with the medium to long-term objectives of a business and promote share ownership in a company in a tax efficient manner for both employer and employee. Employee incentive arrangements are, therefore, a critical component in the employee and employer relationship and when developed effectively to represent your business values and objectives, can drive and enhance performance beyond expectations.

For advice on structures and arrangements that garner long-term results and for a customised assessment of what incentivisation programme would work best for your business needs, employee composition and work culture, contact MBM Commercial. We combine legal and HR expertise to provide commercially focused and market-specific advice to our clients. We provide HR support & Employment Law services across a variety of sectors including Food & DrinkTech Start UpsIndependent SchoolsCharities, GP Medical Practices, Professional Services/Accountancy FirmsNurseriesEngineering & Renewables and Life Science Companies. Our Employment Solicitors will work closely with you to understand your business needs and design and implement an incentivisation structure that will underpin the future success and growth of your business. 

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