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Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations are subject to complex regulations and face various challenges when it comes to dealing with different workplace issues. Charities employ a varied force of people with different types of contracts e.g., temporary contract workers, commission based fundraisers and part time workers with a varied number of hours. A different type of contract is required for different types of employees, which gives rise to specific rights and duties in relation to each employee. The last thing that any charity would want is having to spend valuable resources as a result of failure to comply with the relevant employment laws. 

At MBM, we have experienced team of employment advisers who are on hand to advise you in relation to any employment issue as and when required. We provide unlimited fixed fee HR advice service, Holistic HR, which gives you access to HR and employment law advice from our specialist employment lawyers. We look after all your workplace needs and make sure that employment law related policies and procedures are in place and are legally compliant.

Employment Law and HR for Charities: Key Features of our Service

We work with charities and not-for-profit organisations in many different ways.

  1. We provide access to unlimited professional support with qualified employment advisers.
  2. We draft, review and update contracts of employment to make sure that they are legally compliant. It is a legal requirement to provide your staff with a statement of terms and conditions of employment within the two months of starting work.
  3. We also draft and update your Employee Handbooks including grievances and disciplinary procedures.
  4. We guide you throughout the issues and disputes as and when they arise at the workplace. Dealing with the issues in a proper way early on helps to avoid conflicts escalating to tribunals saving time and valuable resources.
  5. Complete guidance for hiring and getting the best out of your employees.

HR Policies and Guidance for Charities

Running a charity is much more than meeting charitable aims and objectives. There are potential risks for your organisation when it comes to employing and retaining staff and dealing with the workplace issues and disputes. If the matters are not handled carefully and competently, the potential problems can get out of hand resulting in a reputational damage and financial loss. We offer HR services through our Holistic HR programme, which contains complete HR policies and guidance for charities with the clear and comprehensive set of employment documents. We make sure that your interests are looked after right from the start and any disputes are resolved before they are escalated to a point of no return for the parties.

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If you have an HR or employment issue or would like to find out more about our HR retainer services, please contact us on 0131 226 8200. You will be put in touch with one of our professional and friendly team member, who will discuss the matter with you and will guide you on further steps that you need to take.

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