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Employment law can be complex; it is frequently amended and its interpretation subject to change. For GP practices, employment law can be further complicated by the nature of your partnership agreement or NHS policy and regulation affecting the terms of employment for you and your colleagues/staff.

For specialist Employment Law advice tailored to GP medical practices, whether you work in private practice or for the NHS, contact MBM Commercial. Our Employment Law Solicitors and HR Advisers are on hand to help you navigate the maze of employment legislation and can offer advice and representation specific to the challenges faced by those working in general practice.

At MBM Commercial, we seek to help you mitigate the likelihood of Employment Law disputes arising by working with you to ensure compliance and effective working procedures across your practice. We believe that creating a fair and consistent working environment is the best way to avoid employment disputes, and we can help you achieve this by assessing your employment practices and advising you of any weakness or limitations and ways to improve and develop. We offer advice, training and drafting expertise for the type of employment contracts required by you and your practice, and can recommend bespoke governance structures specific to your medical practice to ensure coherent operating procedures and the smooth running of your day-to-day business.

Our Employment Law Services

Our Employment Law Solicitors are long-standing experts in their field and will provide tailored guidance specific to your circumstances in general practice. We offer full comprehensive Employment Law advice and services, including the following:

  • Complaints, grievances and notice letters
  • Discrimination, and equal opportunities compliance and claims
  • Employment Law training and best practice guidance
  • Employment contracts, including salaried GP contracts, GP locum contracts and non-clinical staff contracts
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Redundancies
  • Restructuring employment arrangements
  • Staff disciplinary procedures and performance management procedures
  • Unfair dismissal

Expert Employment Law and HR Advice for GP Medical Practices in Edinburgh and London

Our Employment Law Team will advise you in real time on the legal steps and procedures to follow in response to an employment issue that arises at your GP practice. We pride ourselves on delivering services to high standards and at a pace that matches your needs and the circumstances in your practice. We do not over complicate things; sometimes the best course of action is establishing a dialogue and understanding the dispute from the respective positions of the parties involved. In our experience, many seemingly problematic employment matters can be resolved quickly and inexpensively by turning to an experienced third party.

Contact our Employment Solicitors in Edinburgh and London

For expert Employment Law advice at a challenging time for you and your medical practice, contact MBM Commercial. We offer holistic and practical legal advice to assist you in making the best decisions for your practice and employees. Our Employment Law Solicitors have years of knowledge and experience and will be on hand to offer legal advice and guidance when you need it most. Call us on 0131 226 8200 or complete our online enquiry form.

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