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As a worldwide, highly-regulated sector with a complex lifecycle that encompasses R&D, clinical trials and market access, it’s understandable that life sciences law and practice is equally multi-faceted. From intellectual property and competition to market authorisation and compliance, all legal issues in the life sciences sector must comply with domestic and supranational laws and regulations, adding a further layer of complexity. Employment law is no exception, especially when many employers operate in an industry where their business is likely to operate domestically with cross-border relationships and as part of a complex global group.

Drawing on the firm’s deep understanding and experience of the many issues affecting life sciences clients, our Employment and Holistic HR team regularly help biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies navigate through the constantly changing maze of employment law and HR issues. To find out how we can help tailor employment and HR solutions to your business and sector, please contact us.

Life Sciences Employment Law

Our Employment and Holistic HR team are committed to providing employment services that are tailored to the needs of our clients operating in life sciences. Amongst other things, we can help you:

  • Draft and negotiate employment contracts, terms and conditions and other relevant documents, as well as helping you to design policies for grievance and dismissal procedures. All of these are crucial if you’re to stay on the right side of the law and avoid penalties from governmental bodies and/or costly claims being made against the business by employees.
  • Protect your business interests should an employee leave or dispute arise, such as post-termination restrictions, settlement agreements and exit deals. We can also ensure intellectual property rights are protected and clarify ownership and licensing rights.
  • On-going employment law and HR support, ensuring your workforce also has the management and inter-personal skills necessary for meeting employment and workplace challenges.

Our Employment Law & Holistic HR Service for Life Sciences

While ensuring all your obligations to staff as an employer are met, we can help you develop an employment strategy that complements your business objectives. We can also provide bespoke training on vital on-going employment and human resources issues, such as dealing with absence, discipline and grievance, performance management and contracts of employment. We provide many of our clients with specialist employment advice in respect of the above matters and more for a set annual fee through Holistic HR, our unlimited employment law and HR related service that side-steps the potential for escalating fees. However, if you would rather we provided advice as and when required, we’re able to do so for a fixed fee in most cases.

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At MBM Commercial, our clients value our ability to draw on our vast sector experience and legal knowledge to provide sound, commercially-minded advice and assistance that’s tailored to their specific needs. We have a strong reputation as a leading legal adviser to the pharmaceuticals and life sciences sector, representing clients involved in drug discovery and development and stratified medicine, to med-tech, stem cells and regenerative medicine. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and always aim to help make connections and add value where possible. For more information about how our Employment and Holistic HR Team can provide vital support to your business and help it grow, please contact us.

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