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MBM Commercial has a strong reputation as a leading legal adviser to growing technology companies, many of which have spun out of academic institutions or established businesses. We also act for a number of investors who focus exclusively on technology investments. We have experience in the fields of information technology, renewables, life science, healthcare, telecoms and e-commerce with a large number of our clients operating in these sectors.  We can assist with US legal issues as well as deal with specific trade mark and patent issues with the help of our US attorney, trademark attorney and patent attorneys. The team is ranked in the Legal 500 for their work in Intellectual Property matters.

Over the years our lawyers have helped our clients in many ways, including drafting and negotiating significant contracts for the supply and distribution of IT and software solutions, establishing franchise arrangements, preparing collaboration agreements, setting up websites, putting in place online trading schemes that comply with data protection and distance selling regulations, dealing with technology transfer, preparing privacy, IT & Internet policies, assisting in the recovery of company software and other IP from former staff, and even dealing with domain name disputes. Several of our lawyers have specialist degrees in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law.

It's important that your business has thorough and accurate contracts in place with suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Contracts are the foundation of your business, so getting them right at the outset is critical because getting them wrong can be costly if disputes arise. We can draft new contracts, review/redline existing or 3rd party contracts and provide advice for your business on:

  • Licensing deals (e.g. for software, trademarks or patents)
  • SaaS agreements
  • Manufacturing, distribution, reseller, agency and franchise agreements
  • Collaboration, Reseller or Distribution agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Branding and trademarks
  • Patent reviews and advice
  • Protection of confidential information and know-how
  • Exploitation of copyright, patents and other IP rights
  • Data protection
  • NDAs
  • E-Commerce and the Internet
  • Terms and Conditions for goods or services
  • Employment contracts (General staff)
  • Employment contracts (Directors/Executives)

Red Flag Reviews

One of our most popular and valuable services to our clients are our ‘Red Flag Reviews’ which ensure that you understand contractual terms and potential risks.  We will review an agreement and flag any provisions that are unusual or onerous to our clients, as well as make recommendations for things we would typically expect to see in an agreement of that kind. This provides peace of mind to clients who need an extra hand in negotiating their contracts with third parties.

We are a commercially-minded practice, which means that we help our clients see the risks and benefits of their contracts so that they can make the best decision for their business each time, while staying out of the way of getting the deal done.

Additional Services

We also offer specialist IP consultancy services, beyond legal and contractual issues. This includes advice from our US attorney, trademark attorney and patent attorneys.  The IP, Data & Contracts Team also offers the following services for clients:

  • Software escrow services via our trusted third party escrow agent, MBM Commercial Escrow Services Limited
  • Website & online trading compliance and seminars
  • Data Protection compliance and seminars
  • IP and E-Commerce Risk Management audits

Recent Deals

Our experience is clear from many of the technology investment and other M&A deals which the IP, Data & Contracts team have been involved in. 

View our i-Deals section.

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