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As a practice that specialises in corporate transactions, many of the deals that we work on are either tax driven or have important tax implications.

Many investors will only invest in a company if they can secure SEIS, EIS or VCT tax relief on their investments, additionally investee companies often need to secure a tax opinion or clearance from HMRC to give the investors the comfort that the deal should go ahead.  Once the deal completes various tax returns must be made.

Many companies will incentivise their staff with EMI and other share option schemes. Some are more tax advantageous than others and in many cases a valuation should be agreed with HMRC as part of a tax mitigation strategy.

On most company sale transactions the tax deed or covenant is one of the most complicated documents that requires specialist tax lawyer support.  Tax warranties in the share purchase agreement can also trip you up.

Almost every company restructuring requires a tax clearance to be made and accompanying corporate tax advice.

The UK tax system is complicated and highly technical. It is therefore essential to get the best corporate tax advice and co-ordinate it carefully with the corporate legal advice that you receive.  Our experienced tax advisers work very closely with our corporate lawyers and any other external advisers to provide a seamless service.      

Our Work

Our corporate tax advice complements our transactional work on corporate deals and includes:

  • VCT/EIS/SEIS advance assurance applications and opinions
  • EIS/SEIS applications and returns
  • EMI valuations
  • EMI advance assurance applications
  • EMI notifications and returns to HMRC
  • Sell side advisory
  • Buy side advisory
  • Corporate restructure clearances and advisory

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