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The foundation of our corporate practice is rooted in helping companies raise finance. 

The scope of our client base means that our lawyers can execute seed investments cost efficiently one minute, and switch to full commercial diligence and Series B investment terms the next. Our intuitive understanding of the concerns that founder teams and experienced investors all have mean that we can anticipate issues and proactively manage deals to achieve a flying start for any new investment.

Our connections to early stage investment networks allow us help make connections and introductions to ensure that great companies find smart money.

The broader range of our investment legal work includes:

  • term sheets
  • investment agreements
  • diligence reports (including on patentability and freedom to operate issues
  • articles of association
  • disclosure letters
  • convertible loan note instruments
  • security documentation
  • warrant instruments
  • shareholder communication and all company secretarial documentation
  • intellectual property support

In any fundraise, preparation pays great dividends and you’ll want to have all your corporate records be “investor ready”. The consequences for a business and its owners in due diligence exercises can be delay, price reduction or ultimately a failure to conclude a deal.   

Fundraising Stages

Seed Funding

When an investor agrees to invest in a young company, it’s often at a critical stage in the development of the business. Money is tight and all time spent on the investment process is time that could have been spent working on the business itself. It’s crucial that any investment is wrapped up as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Angel Investment

Angel investing is often the primary source of funding for many startups.


The emergence of equity crowdfunding as a way of raising finance is a natural progression from traditional angel investing.  Instead of asking a small number of people for a large financial investment, equity crowdfunding involves raising money from a large group of investors who typically commit to invest a smaller sum. 

Venture Capital

Up to the point of raising venture capital, your company may have benefitted from simplistic financing from friends, family and maybe even the odd angel investor. Moving from this stage of financing and onto more structured venture capital comes with an intense change of pace and a degree of sophistication to the process which you may never have experienced before. 

Impact Investing & Social Impact Companies

MBM Commercial is proud to represent a large and growing number of social impact entrepreneurs and investors who put innovation for good at the heart of their business. These companies are making a positive impact on society be that environmentally, socially, or sustainably. And for many investors, it is becoming a pre-requisite that the companies they invest in do good.

Recent Deals

Our experience is clear from the deals which the corporate team have been involved in. 

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