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For any business considering instructing us, it is very important that you can trust and rely on us. We are in the business of providing solutions to our clients and this means that we have to be completely upfront and transparent about our terms of engagement and fees. 

This is also why most of the transactional work that we undertake is based on fixed fees.  Many other firms only provide estimates, we don’t – instead, we give you certainty.  This helps to ensure that you can budget accordingly, that you don’t have to worry about surprises and we can just get on and help you with your transaction and focus on getting your deal done.  In terms of fee structures, we are happy to provide you with a fixed fee quote.  To find out more about fixed fees, please click here or just get in touch. 

When you instruct us to help you with a particular matter, we shall endeavour to send you a letter or email of engagement. This will set out the following:

  • who will be doing your work on a day to day basis;
  • what we will be doing for you; and
  • what the agreed fee structure will be.

The key thing is that we are flexible and we can agree a fee arrangement with you that fits with your specific business requirements. 

In the absence of agreeing a fixed fee or other fee arrangement to suit your needs (eg annual retainer), we shall base our fees on a ‘time spent’ basis in accordance with our standard hourly charges. Please note that our hourly charges are reviewed each year on or around 1st August.  Unlike other firms these are available to view on our website as part of our commitment to providing complete transparency.  We have nothing to hide and our hourly rates are very competitive for the premium high quality services that we provide.

Please note that if for any reason we have not sent you a letter or email of engagement (eg because of an emergency that requires immediate help from us) then please note that our Standard Terms of Business will apply to all of our work for you.  No other terms shall apply.

Please view our Standard Terms of BusinessFixed Fees and Hourly Charges.

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