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Entrepreneurial Journeys

For the team at MBM Commercial, it is not just about the transaction, it is about our long term relationship with our clients and what we can do to help them succeed. We are in it for the journey, supporting our clients every step along the way by providing high quality and practical advice with a real focus on value add. Hear what some of our clients had to say about the entrepreneur's journey and the benefits they have achieved working with the MBM team.

Talking Medicines

Talking Medicines have developed an artificial Intelligence platform to help pharmaceutical marketing teams understand the real world experiences of patients with their medicines. By capturing the voice of the patient using AI, machine learning and NLP, pharmaceutical compnaies can get real time data insights. The firm is led by Jo Halliday, CEO. After a recent rebrand, we caught up with the team at Talking Medicines to chat about their business and how MBM Commercial have helped them as they continue to move forward.


Invizius is a biotechnology company pioneering treatments to suppress unwanted innate immune responses.  MBM Commercial recently helped the firm with their £5.3m Series A funding round. We caught up with the team at Invizius to ask them about the company journey so far, navigating the fundraising process and how their ground-breaking solution has the potential to improve the quality of life and safety of millions of patients on dialysis.

Celtic Renewables

One of the most innovative firms in the sustainable cleantech space, Celtic Renewables uses low-value materials and transforms them into into low-carbon, high-value, sustainable bioproducts. E.g. Residues from the whisky distillation process converted into biofuels. We spoke with Celtic Renewables' CEO, Mark Simmers, to chat to him about the firm's journey from start-up in the lab to now, building out their first industrial-scale biorefinery.

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