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iDeals Update - June 2022

We've seen active deal flow over the course of the 2022.  Here are some of the notable transactions.



  • Advising Amati Global Investors on their £3m investment into Chorus Intelligence Ltd.
  • Advising Carcinotech on £1.6m investment from Tri Capital, Eos Advisory, SIS Ventures, Gabriel, Alba Equity, and Scottish Enterprise
  • Advising Container Solutions on a minority investment from Growth Capital Partners
  • Advising Cuantec on a partnership with Hive Energy
  • Advising insurtech startup Feather on their €3.8m fundraise
  • Advising In4Derm on their pre-Series A £1.6m funding from o2h Ventures, Meltwind, Wren Capital and Scottish Enterprise
  • Advising Inflex on its $5.5mil round led by a US philanthropic investor
  • Advising Innovatium of their £900,000 investment raise.
  • Adviser to lead investor, Italian VC Liftt S.p.A. on its investment in anti-diabetes and obesity medical device developer Keyron Limited
  • Advising Kick ICT on £8.7m investment from BGF
  • Advising Mocean Energy on £730,000 equity funding from existing funders, led by angel syndicate Equity Gap
  • Advising Nebuflow on their £1.7m investment from Foresight Williams Technology and others
  • Advising Quality Clouds on their £3.5m investment from YFM Equity Partners
  • Lead corporate counsel for £5m Series A investment round into Secretarium led by IQ Capital
  • Advising Stamp Free on £600k investment from R42 Group,Cambridge Angels and others
  • Advising Strathberry on a £8m investment from BGF
  • Advising Talking Medicines on its investment of £1.5m from Term Plc, SIS Ventures, Thairm Bio and Scottish Enterprise
  • Advising Travelnest on its £3m investment from Scottish National Investment Bank
  • Advising Wallet Services on a £1.7m investment from Par Equity and Scottish Enterprise
  • Advising WellFish Diagnostics on its investment of £1.2m from UWS University, Kelvin Capital, and Scottish Enterprise
  • Advising Woven Whisky on £0.7m angel investment


  • Advising (along with Goodwins) Codeplay Software on its acquisition by Intel
  • Advising FundAdminChain on its sale of a majority stake to Apex Group Ltd
  • Advising Gather Content on its sale to Bynder
  • Advising Highland Forestry on its management buy out
  • Advising Heroes on multiple acquisitions of FBA businesses
  • Acting for IMV Imaging (UK) Ltd on its acquisition of Medical Distributors Ltd.
  • Advising Money Dashboard on its acquisition by ClearScore
  • Advising Origo Services on its acquisition and investment by Vespa Capital
  • Advising the owners of Pear Tree Nurseries on the sale of the business to ICP Education
  • Advised Product Insight Ltd (Prodsight) on its acquisition by Playvox
  • Advising Quorum Cyber on an investment from London-based private equity business, Livingbridge
  • Acting for Say It Now on its acquisition of Canadian entity, GetStarted Inc.
  • Acting for Sharktower on its sale to Proteus
  • Advising Swirrl IT on its acquisition by TPXimpact Holdings Plc
  • Advising Testing Performance Limited on its sale to Fimatix Ltd
  • Acquisition of various apps on the Shopify platform
  • Acquisition of various consumer brands selling on the Amazon platform by other aggregators
  • Acquisition of Box Clever Cumbria Limited by Kangaroo Self Storage
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