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Doing Business in the US

The US Market

This blog post describes issues to consider regarding your business’ interactions with the US. Doing business in the US can be a complex and daunting process. MBM Commercial offers sophisticated US law capability to help when expanding into US markets or transacting with US businesses. We work locally to support clients globally in corporate and commercial transactions.

The US is a pro-business environment with a large potential consumer base and business support services. This provides great opportunities and options for UK businesses and can facilitate start-ups established businesses and growing quickly from day one. On the other hand, the US is also a rigid, highly regulated and litigious environment. While the business and legal words are broadly similar to the UK, there are many important differences and potential pitfalls.

One of the factors which contributes to the highly regulated environment is that US law is made at several levels, principally at federal and state levels, but also at local city and county levels – municipalities may have their own sets of rules and regulations applicable to particular local areas and issues. Each of the 50 US states has its own law and, while uniform laws have been adopted by many states, each state’s law is distinct. While the business set-up process is similar for US residents and non-residents, there are additional complications to be aware of. Given the complex regulatory regime and potential pitfalls, it is important to prepare and plan ahead before entering the US market and to protect your business.

To read more of this guide in full, please see our US Transactions - US Lawyer in Edinburgh, Scotland page here

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