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All employers need fit-for-purpose contracts and policies to employ staff.

You can download our junior employment contract template for free below, and then tailor it to your needs. Whether your business is based in England or Scotland, our downloadable employment contracts cater for each jurisdiction.

The template has user-friendly drafting notes that simplify the process of setting up your employment documents. This is just one of multiple documents available on our Holistic HR Portal.

Once you have populated the contract, we would be happy to have a free initial call with you to help identify any potential issues with your drafting and assess whether it is ready for signature. This will also give you a flavour of our Holistic HR service and how it operates.

You’ll also want to consider documents to cover issues such as:

  • fixed-term employees
  • executive directors
  • disciplinary and grievances
  • sickness absence
  • performance management
  • data protection policies

It is good practice to have all your policies and procedures in a staff handbook. We can provide templates for all of the documents referred to above, including a handbook, as part of our our annual subscription package – Holistic HR.

To download our free employment contract templates, please complete the form below.