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"Agenor have engaged with MBM Commercial (Stuart Hendry) from the start of our commercial journey in 2006, and they have provided us with very astute advice from the outset. Their initial recommendations to us in laying solid corporate foundations have already proved beneficial. MBM listen to us and have a genuine interest in our business. Their pro-active advice coupled with an approachable and understanding manner ensure that doing business with MBM is like having them as part of your team."

"Data Discoveries is rightly one of Scotland’s success stories. It was incorporated in 1995 and created marketing software which changed the way that direct marketers and other customer-centric service providers carried out their business. The legacy of the software remains embedded in the business processes of many well-known companies. From the sketchy idea that was to form the software structure through incorporation, further product developments and licensing, contract creation, employment advice, further investment structuring and finally a successful sale 16 years later, MBM Commercial remained DDL’s legal advisors for the entire journey. It is no exaggeration to claim that without the involvement and support from MBM that DDL may not have seen the light of day, never mind become such a commercial and iconic success story. We have much to thank MBM for and always saw the team at MBM as part of our company. DDL had its moments, as all companies do, and it was a constant reassurance to have a creative and steady pair of legal hands alongside. This was especially true when the business was purchased in 2011 by GB Group, a listed company."

"In starting any new venture, it's incredibly important to build the best team to help the company grow. For me, this started with asking "those in the know" as to the best law firm in Edinburgh for helping early stage companies. Invariably the advice was to call Sandy and Stuart at MBM Commercial. From the beginning, Stuart and his team have not only been instrumental in providing the right advice at the right time, but have also proven to be a commercial advantage in negotiations. More importantly, for me and the team at Spark Energy, they have instilled absolute confidence at every stage allowing us to focus on growth. In a very short period of time, MBM Commercial has structured and advised us through a fundraising, a joint venture and the acquisition of two companies. With another funding round and further contract negotiations beginning shortly I sleep well knowing they're part of our team."

"The team at MBM Commercial has added real value to Lab901 by helping the Company through the various stages of growth from start-up to funding to distribution deals."

"We have worked with MBM since the launch of Ambergreen in 2001. They have always made an effort to understand our needs as a growing business and to ensure that they provide us with good, sensible, and commercial legal advice when needed. They have responded quickly to our requests even when we have not been able to give them much warning and have helped us across many key legal areas from investment, acquisition, employees and contracts."

"What we needed was a lawyer to get things done efficiently and effectively. What we got was so much more. MBM (Stuart) helped us with business advice, guidance; contacts gleaned from their obvious vast experience in the corporate entrepreneurial sector."

"Property Log Book started working with MBM when starting up as a new business. Their focus and understanding of the needs of a new business were very good and were able to guide us through the maze of starting up a new business, raising funding and dealing with new and large contracts."

"Having experienced a number of Commercial law firms, I would encourage any entrepreneur or start-up to just go straight to MBM. They are passionate about entrepreneurs and helping to grow businesses. Unlike most other law firms, MBM are not just interested in racking up fees. Their friendly staff go way beyond the call of duty to help you to meet your goals."

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