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Danielle Prado

Associate, ConsultantData & Contracts, IP

Tel: 0131 226 8233

Danielle has assisted with the establishment of U.S.-based business from a U.K-based company and developed contracts upon demerger to ensure business continuity.

After practicing family law in Texas for a number of years, Danielle relocated to Scotland for personal reasons, and became qualified in England and Wales. She got her foot in the door by accepting a temporary in-house counsel role with Hymans Robertson. Her commercial experience there led her to MBM, and she recently accepted a full-time position with MBM in their IP, Data and Commercial contracts team.

Her previous family law experience means she is client-focused, aiming to get a full understanding of their entrepreneurial goals. She has experience in advising UK clients on U.S. contracts, and U.S. clients on data protection issues in the U.K. In this increasingly global, mobile society, she is well-suited to advise clients with international interests and aspirations.

Personal Biography 

Danielle is a keen collector of cookbooks, always willing to experiment in the kitchen (with varying degrees of success). She loves travelling, painting, writing and embarrassing herself in various yoga and fitness classes.

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