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"We'd been looking at employing a sales person in the States and wanted to understand what the options were for a small Scottish company hiring an American employee, so we contacted our account manager at Scottish Enterprise. Within a few days Ben was put in touch with Global Scot Tracey Ginn, an attorney now based in the US, who was able to provide practical advice on the ins and outs of overseas recruitment."

"My conversation with Tracey was absolutely fantastic", says Ben. "She explained in great detail all the things we ought to be thinking about and whether it made sense to have the candidate employed as part of the UK company or whether we should incorporate a sub-company in the US, and what the legal implications of either route would be. It was really useful stuff."

"Professional recommendations that you trust are worth their weight in gold and that’s what Tracey was able to do for us. The advice that we received gave us confidence and reassurance that what we were doing was correct.” Tracey's advice allowed the team to explore different options for expanding their business overseas, and Ben estimates the guidance may save them around £10,000 over the next few years."

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