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"The expertise that the MBM team has provided us through our fundraising process has been phenomenal. We felt that Alex and the other members of the MBM team had our best interests in mind throughout the entire process and were able to align with our deadlines in a timely and efficient manner"

"We have now used MBM Commercial three times for raising funding rounds.  While someone not familiar with these activities could expect it to be a straightforward, cookie-cutter process, it never seems to work out that way.  Having people on your team that have experience of such deals is an essential factor to a successful outcome. Insight from having walked the road many times to what is reasonable/immovable and what is /should be negotiable is essential experience to ensure you push where compromise can be achieved to strengthen and protect the position of the company.  With MBM, I find they provide this invaluable service, utilising a fixed fee approach which ensures once battle ensues, everyone on your team only has one focus and objective, that being a timely completion of the deal with a positive outcome in the best interests of your company."

"MBM have worked with us from the beginning and have worked with us through the often complex process of raising investment.  With their skills and experience we have successfully raised new investment into the business and with their input have guided us through the nuances of investment raising."

"My colleagues and I have worked closely with the corporate team at MBM Commercial since I joined Archangels in 2005. Stuart and his team are all deeply familiar with the challenges facing early stage companies and a good source of sound, sensible advice and practical deal management."

"MBM Commercial have acted for TRI Capital Limited and its investor members for many years.  They have been helpful, pragmatic, diligent and above all professional with the transactions they have handled - and they invariably complete the process on time and on budget. It should also be said that they work hard to add value to what we are doing, without looking for additional fees - a great benefit to us and our members.  We would be pleased to recommend MBM Commercial to any company or investor group and look forward to working with them on our future transactions."

"Stuart Hendry at MBM Commercial made the process of concluding a funding round straightforward with clear guidance on the issues to be addressed at each stage of the process.   A very professional support at a time when other demands on time are inevitably high, Stuart was always at hand to give us the confidence that we understood what needed to be done to reach a successful outcome."

"We chose MBM Commercial, quite simply because they offer such great value for money. Over the past five years, we have experienced a very high level of service with sensible, pragmatic advice. Particular thanks are also due to Stuart Hendry and his team for guiding the company through the intricate issues of securing the investment from venture capitalist firms and for providing a high level of service in a prompt and cost-effective manner."

"I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the services rendered by MBM to date. You have consistently gone far beyond what I would expect from my corporate lawyer. In fact, working with MBM has not only given us confidence in the legal advice we are receiving but has also given us what feels like another member of the team with a genuine desire to see us succeed."

"I have enjoyed a strong working relationship with the corporate team at MBM Commercial for several years. In more recent times they have structured 3 rounds of investment in Money Dashboard. They have helped through the several ups and downs on the entrepreneurial journey. So why do I like working with these guys? It's three things really.

  • They share the entrepreneurial 'can do' spirit of their clients and so are fun to work with;
  • They deliver the goods – on time and on budget;
  • Their transaction judgement is sound and entirely practical."

The team has years of intensive SME deal making and knows which battles to fight and when to concede a point in complex, often multi-party negotiations and ensure that the deal gets through intact."

"I've worked with MBM Commercial since the first Seraphim fund was formed in 2006 and have always been impressed with their commercial approach, technical ability and drive to deliver. In recent years I've worked particularly closely with Kenny Mumford both on the investor side and, in other deals, as adviser to the company. His relevant market knowledge and legal acumen has provided clarity across a whole range of complex issues. Most recently Kenny was our lead adviser in the creation of the Seraphim Space Fund, remaining heavily involved throughout the entire fundraising and closing process and showing true commitment to helping make this unique fund happen. MBM continue set themselves apart with their extensive experience in venture capital."

"Kenny Mumford and MBM Commercial have become an extension of the Mallzee team and a vital part of our success. As lawyers and advisors, they go above and beyond and ensure a level of support that I’ve not seen surpassed. Across complex negotiations with global businesses Kenny and his team are able to focus on the required outcomes and ensure an agreement that works for all - in a timely and effective manner."

"Particular thanks are due to Stuart Hendry and his team at MBM Commercial for guiding the company through the intricate issues of securing the investment from an international trade investor.  They provided an extremely high level of service in a very prompt and cost-effective manner throughout the transaction.  We pushed them pretty hard at times, especially when taking the different time zones into account, and they did not let us down.  They were very helpful and pragmatic during the negotiations.  We have worked with MBM Commercial since our inception, and I look forward to working with them going forward.  I would be pleased to recommend them to any high growth technology company."

"We are grateful for the ongoing support of MBM Commercial, Maven and the SLF as part of our growth and acquisition plans which have most recently involved Millhouse Manufacturing Design Limited. We have used MBM Commercial as our commercial lawyers for a number of years, and this is the second mezzanine loan funding transaction that they have assisted us with. Their advice on these matters has been excellent on all counts - they are responsive, pragmatic and have helped us deal with some complex issues and negotiations while keeping to the deal to time and the costs to budget. I would highly recommend MBM Commercial to another company looking to take their business to a new level, and I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis."

"As an FD across a portfolio of angel funded companies the MBM team have been a solid and reliable partner during the development and fast paced growth of these companies. In particular, Laura Peachey and Stuart Hendry have provided expert and re-assuring guidance through several fund-raising rounds and corporate events whilst Andy Harris has ensured that commercial contracts and arrangements are robust, proving to be essential during recent diligence exercises. Together with the experience provided across the practice, MBM are often seen as an extension of the in-house management team."

“Michael Arnott and the team at MBM were amazing in helping us to secure investment in a timely and efficient manner. Their experience in the tech space showed through and we look forward to working with them again.”

"The MBM team guided us through the fundraising process with ease.  They were in our corner throughout and provided sound commercial advice and practical deal management, helping us to navigate any challenges along the way and to bring the process to a successful conclusion."

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